Eovendo - Is a paying company that lets you earn revenue by watching ads, some ads requires you to write evaluations and some are paying just to view it on your computer.

I have tried Eovendo for many days. They show ads and you evaluate them and earn money for several minutes of video watching ads, then after viewing you will instantly receive payment from your paypal account that you put in your registration.

At first I thought this site is just a scam. Who the hell will pay you instantly for just viewing an advertisement? I tried it and prove me wrong. They pay me my earn penny just after viewing their ads!

Here's my screenshot of first payment for Eovendo

Register at http://www.eovendo.com/. You will have difficulty in registration because of their language so try to follow my images.

You can use google translate to understand instructions. You will need to download their application and install it after downloading. Don't worry it is clean.

There is a code to be encoded before you get certain amount of ads. GULDKODE is GOLD code.


Follow the images accordingly for filling up the application.

TO MAKE IT ENGLISH select the UK flag then ok.

They are not allowing IP's in some Countries including Philippines
I was Banned but it's ok i already get the Money :)
You can still earn from them using Proxies.
Happy Earning My dear Friends from sinformative :)

If you don't have verified paypal accounts you can easily verify it using my virtual credit cards

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