Finding a legitimate job online is always been hard for online earners. You will see many advertisement about jobs and online perks but hardly seen a company that will pay you. Some desperate individuals are joining those paid to click programs (PTC). They can earn .01-.05 per day depending on their techniques, I once tried it but after many days I find it waste of time. That's why I search for all legitimate and legal programs to make some bucks. Aside from reviewing calls in humanatic and writing articles for blog I also tried CloudCrowd and earned some decent money. Today I will give you the inside information about CloudCrowd.

Cloud Crowd is a online opportunity for freelancers
where you can find task to do. Every Task that you will be able to finish will be paid this includes the following jobs to be done.
  • Reviewing and categorizing a website
  • Categorizing products
  • Data entry
  • Translation of different datas
  • Researching for certain information
  • Writing articles
  • Editing articles

What you need to do to start in CloudCrowd?
First you need to log-in to your facebook and go to their application by clicking here. You will need to allow the application to get started.

1. Go to tab "Earn Money Now" and fill up the needed data for registration.

For you to be paid in any online earning program you need to have a Paypal account a verified one. If you don't have an account create one bye going here. and to be verified you need to add a bank account or credit card. I am using my friends Virtual Credit Card for fast and easy verification. You can read more details here.

Going back to CloudCrowd
2. Go to "Credentials TAB" and then "Writing". You need to do some test to try some task and know if you can do it.

3. Select English Comprehension Credential Test and try to answer it correctly. If you fail in the test you can always try it again and again only for 4x until you succeed but you need to wait for 7 days for every retake. If you succeed you will receive email from them. Just patiently wait for it.

4. If you pass you can check on CloudCrowd and go to "My Details" to check on your credential level. if you got 4-5 level you can start to do task.
Credibility: This is you level in which will be the basis of your illegibility for certain task.

5. Some default task that you'll have access for your first level will be:

SELECT PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE VALUE! [requires level 4 credential]
EXTRACT PRODUCT NAME: EASY TASK [requires level 5 credential]
MATCH CONTENT! [requires level 4 credential]

All available task will inform you you can check regularly to maximize your earning.This is very easy job and after finishing task you will get additional credential levels upgrade and be illegible for more high paying tasks.

When will you get paid? All your payment for the day task will be sent to you on the next day.

On all jobs the first days will be hard. You just need to focus and have some patience.

If you work hard enough in reviewing sites, this is what you may earn:

This will be your possible income, in case you have other income from other sites I guess this is enough for most of us. Once you are good in this you earning will eventually increase day by day.

If you don't have verified paypal accounts you can easily verify it using my virtual credit cards