What is Yovia? is This Legit?

try to read and Decide for Yourself

About Yovia

You make things happen. You are a thought leader. A trusted resource. A friend. A confidant. You care. And you connect. You matter. And people know it.

You see a better way. And you make it happen. You are Yovia. The Network for Change.

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Yovia was founded in 2008 as a research project designed to answer one question: What causes 'viral' on the web.

What we found was that the most important aspect of any kind of community, whether online or in the real world - is you.

In today's connected society the power of an individual to impact change has never been greater. Yovia simply powers a network that allows individuals to easily share, and assigns an economy around this network. There are 3 primary components to the Yovia Network:
  • Influencers: Real people of all shapes and sizes who stand ready to spread the word.
  • Sponsors: Brands, causes and businesses who need a message spread
  • Opportunities: Specific, targeted crowd sourced assignments provided to Influencers by sponsors who pay for action in the form of cash, merchandise, recognition and even good karma.

UPDATE: 9-12-2013 Payment from Yovia

    UPDATE: 8-13-2013

    Before We Start Just want to tell my Own experience I registered Here and click 1 "Claim This" offer

    Then I don't believe so I logged-out Thinking It was Just a Bogus/ scam, but after a Month I just wondered What is This payment From Yovia? Then I started to search my Accounts and Able to see my username

    and This what i see and started Earning More than the First Payment

    As You can see Here There Are Many offers To choose From i Just Clicked This word "claim this" and it is instant .99usd you don't need to do anything just click and it will say thanks for claiming

    If you want you can Loggin everyday for Faster Earning You can Click Every New offers That will pop in your Dashbord


    By the way as you can notice the MINIMUM Payment must be 50USD right? that was crap even if you have .65usd or 1usd they will send it to you instantly every 10th of the month so it means your earnings will be sent out to you even it is below 1usd. try to see the below images for 1usd payments.

    Try it for yourself and Earn for Easy Money