A blog's sitemap is a list of posts and pages available for public access. This list is usually index by crawlers and access by users or readers. Sitemap may be in a simple HTML format but modern web technology is use and recommend XML format.

These format are always in hierarchical fashion. HTML sitemaps are user friendly i.e. readable by humans. XML sitemap are search engine friendly but not in readable format for humans.

Sitemap may be submitted by three most common methods

1/ Manual submission in Webmaster's tools
2/ Submission by Robots.txt
3/ Sitemap submission by Ping

In this post we will discuss how to ping your blog's sitemap to major search engines Google, Bing

Here under the links are to submit sitemap via ping method to search engines



Here an example is given below how to ping sitemap to search engines for custom domains with Blogger. You can ping or submit sitemap with exclusive method so enjoy both.

  • For Google search

  • For Bing search

  • For Bing search

Where you should replace www.sinformative.com with your blog address.

If you do not own custom domain for Blogger. Then you can ping your blog's sitemap with the following method

  • For Google search

  • For Bing search

  • For Bing search

Where you should replace http://sellerfriend.blogspot.com with your blog address.

  • Submission Successful Messages

  • Bing Submission Successful Message

I hope now sitemap submission is not a big thing for you.

Conclusion:Sitemap submission is possible using ping method for Google and Bing each user receive successful sitemap submission message in response after finish of sitemap ping process.