Maximixe Earnings of Your Blog Through LinkBucks-Plugrush-JuicyAds Combos Tips and Tricks

Everyone of us knows that to be able to get earning from advertisement you need traffic. Ther are people out there who can increase their earnings with the same amount of traffic everyday. You just need to be clever and work wise instead of working hard. Porn blogs can get a lot of traffic compared to those normal niche blogs. Creating a new blog with some hot images and videos is not enough. You need to select what advertisement you want to use that will fit your blog traffic and current data. Here I will give you some tips in what advertisement to use like Linkbucks, Plugrush and JuicyAds and how to maximize them.

1. Register on Linkbucks

Many of you are not using linkbucks because you are afraid that visitors will get annoyed by those pop ups. If your one using it wrong way maybe half of your visitors will not come back to your site.

2. You'll also need Plugrush. Go to this page and register.

One of the best known Adult blog adnetwork is Plugrush. They are good payer on time with accurate reporting. Almost all big adult sites are using Plugrush as their main advertisers.

(As of the moment blogspot is not allowing Plugrush to be installed. You can use other free blogging Platform like wordpress and joomla with free hosting.)

3. JuicyAds. Visit this link to register at JuicyAds.

I have tried this also and has a good rate, The only thumbs down for this is their dashboard. I can hardly understand all their tabs and instructions, but don't worry they are paying.

How to use LinkBucks in a Rightway

What you need:
  • Blogs or Website- Here is the Tutorial on How to start a Blogs- Start A Blog
  • Fanpages: Just Create any Fanpage you want to use Here is mine:    TotnakersClub
  • The Rest is All Effort
You can use any blog topic but it is advisable to create an Adult site for Earning Purposes.

On your website, the easiest way to use Linkbucks is by the Full Page script. You don't have to make and monitor tons of link by using it. Click on the "Create Link" tab, then click the "Full Page Script" button. If you don't have lots of outer links (links to other sites), then I suggest you use either the "Top Banner" or "Side Banner" ad type. If you have lots of outer links (links to download site, links to video, etc.), then the "Intermission" ad type is suggested (enter your website's address on the "Link Exclusions" option). If you have a link to a file you think that people really need or want, then use the "Locker" link.

Q. Is it OK to use the "Intermission" on the whole site instead of the "Top" or "Side Banner" ad type?

A. That depends on you. If you think that your site's content is worth making your visitors wait 7 seconds every pageview, then use it. If they think that it's too annoying, they'll go away and probably never return.

Linkbucks Earnings:

This is  earnings from one of  sites with 10, 000 UV-20,000 page views/day with a 36% Performance with 60% traffic from Asia using an "Intermission" ad on outer links.

If you still haven't used Linkbucks on your site, then you've missed a lot of earnings. Here are some more proof;

Get into Plugrush:

After registering on Plugrush, your on "Publisher" tab, click on "Websites" and click on the "Add Website" button. Once you've added your site, on the "Publisher" tab again, click on "Adzones". There you can create "widgets" to place on your site.

Ad types to use on Plugrush:

  • Pop-unders:
Unlike other ad companies where their pop-unders appears every page view, Plugrush's pop-unders only appears once per unique visitor. Also if you set it to 2 pop-unders, they don't appear consecutively, meaning if a visitor view 18 pages of your site, he'll only get 2 pop-unders, one from his initial visit, and the other one, somewhere around those 18 pages.
  • Mobile ads:
Some ad companies' mobile redirect really does redirect the visitor away from your site (you get paid for the redirect so there's nothing to complain there about). With Plugrush's mobile ads, the ads are overlayed on your site with a "close" button. So that means the visitor sees the mobile ad, you get paid, and if the visitor is not interested on the ad, they just close it with the "X" button and continues browsing your site.
  • Plug ads:
Just like banner ads. You can customize it to be attractive or look exactly as your content to attract more clicks. I recommend using the slider widget, which slide from the bottom or top page and will surely catch the attention of your visitors.

Plugrush Earnings:

Again, those stats are with 1,800 UV/day and 11,000 pageviews/day. I earn an average of $52/month on Plugrush so if your traffic is at least 3,600/day and from EU/US, you'll surely earn more than $110/month.

Get juicy with Juicy Ads:

If your site has 3 columns, you'll surely love using Juicy ads. They have nice attractive banners that will give you earnings even if you don't have direct sales. Juicy ads has a ton of banner sizes, so it's up to you how you will use it. You also have the option of using mobile redirects and pop-under.
Juicy Ads Earnings
Juicy Ads' PPC earns me $9/month and $6 from direct sales so that's another $15.

So that's it. That's how I maximize my earnings. I'll also try to post some tips on how to get traffic to your website. More traffic means more earnings, right?

 So Register Now!

1. Register on Linkbucks

2. You'll also need Plugrush. Go to this page and register.

3. JuicyAds. Visit this link to register at JuicyAds.