I receive my Card 15days after i registered i lived here in the Philippines and they we're able to send it to me free and without any fee, i also got my Payoneer Mastercard. I prefer this nTrust MasterCard because it has no maintaining balance and you can withdraw without any fee, so I am sharing this review for you.

Trust Card Overview

The nTrust Card is a FREE Pre-paid MasterCard® which can be loaded directly from your nTrust account. You can use the card at any online or point-of-sale merchants that accept MasterCard®. This includes over 1.7 million ATMs worldwide.  A better choice for you to pay bills, shop online and in stores.
Track your spending, manage your money, load and go!
  • Pay zero activation, monthly or annual fees
  • No credit check or minimum balance required
  • Load money instantly onto your card

Benefits of Using nTrust MasterCard

  • You can transfer money to friends, family or other ntrust members for free.
  • You get access to worldwide retailers and ATMs.
  • No matter how much money you have, no matter what currency you choose, you will have access to your money 24/7.
  • Transfering money from anywhere in the world is done instantly.
  • You can access your money from anywhere in the world. Currently, they have over 1.7 million ATMs in over 200 countries and territories around the world.
  • As a validate member of nTrust, you are eligble to receive a personalized nTrust card that you can load and reload directly from your nTrust account, instantly and at anytime.
  • No worries about extra charges or over spending because unlike a credit card, the only money available on the card is the money you load.
  • Deposits by Bank Transfer, Online Banking Transfer, Check or Wire Transfer are free.

nTrust Card Usage and Fees


Where is the nTrust Card Accepted?

The nTrust Cards can be used to pay bills, shop online and in stores at 32 million locations worldwide.  Withdraw cash at over 1.7 million ATMs worldwide.


How to Use your nTrust Card

You will use the nTrust Card just like you would a MasterCard® credit card. Depending on the type of terminal the point of sale merchant has it will accept the nTrust card like a credit card (swipe/signature) or like a debit/credit card (pin entry). For online purchases you just have to enter the nTrust card details.
  • There is no charge to you when using your nTrust Card for purchases online or in store.


nTrust Card Currency

At this time nTrust can only issue cards to residents of the Philippines or Philippines Citizens living abroad (OFW).  Current nTrust card is denominated in PHP (Pesos) only.
A new card program for our international customers will be coming on board very soon…. stay tuned!!!


nTrust Card Limits

The nTrust Card load limit is set at PHP200,000 per calendar month.


nTrust Card Expiry Date

Three years from the date you requested the card.


nTrust Card Activity/Transaction History

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the historical activity that takes place on your nTrust Card, but we do provide you with the most up-to-date balance available on your card.
Your nTrust Card Balance is available within your nTrust account under  nTrust Cards.  This is updated each time you log into your account.
You can also check your Card Balance at any Local or International ATM Location.
  • Security Bank ATM Balance Inquiry – FREE
  • Local Philippines ATM Balance Inquiry – PHP1.00 per transaction
  • International ATM Balance Inquiry – PHP60.00 per transaction
In order to gather/view the Transaction History, below are applicable options:


The last 5 transactions can be requested via Security Bank ATM and will create a mini statement printable on ATM.

SBC Branch

You may visit to any Security Bank branch and request for printing of transaction  history, however it cost PHP 50 per page.

SBC Customer Hotline

Your latest transaction, up to 2 month maybe inquired on Security Bank Customer Service (02-887-9188) Please note that a Customer Service Representative may ask questions related to your personality and/or bank information for your security purposes.

Withdrawing Funds from your nTrust Card at an ATM

Once funds have been instantly loaded from your nTrust Account to your nTrust Card you have the ability to withdraw these funds at a Local or International ATM.
  • Security Bank ATM Withdrawal – FREE
  • Local Philippines ATM Withdrawal – PHP10.00 per transaction
  • International ATM Withdrawal – PHP300.00 per transaction
*You can also visit a Security Branch location to process an Over the Counter withdraw from your nTrust Card for PHP 100.00 per transaction.

You can also withdraw to your Smartmoney directly without any fee and instantly


nTrust offers an instant way to receive or send money anywhere in the world for free and the only time you will have to pay is when loading or withdrawing your money. Though the extra charges may seems a bit high, it is importance to notice that, you can always avoid incurring some of those charges. visit ntrust website for more information.
If you don't have verified paypal accounts you can easily verify it using my virtual credit cards