Blogging is One of The Best Way to Earn Online 
There are many benefits of being a blogger, usually bloggers do it as a hobby and eventually as their earning increases they are starting to think of being a full time blogger. Blogger can earn in different ways depending on their abilities but good thing is you are earning while staying at home and choosing what time you want to start. You own your time. here are some reasons why blogging is one of the best way to earn online

Reason 1: HIndi mo na kelangan gumastos para sa pamasahe papunta sa work mo. Imagine how much you can save from your fare. You can use it as your savings per month.

Reason 2: You dont need to travel for many hours. I remember nung nag duduty pako. My duty is just for 8 hours but since our school ay sobrang layo sa hospitals almost 4 hours din ang travel from school to hospital and vice versa. So 8+4 ay 12 hours spent outside. Pagod kana sa work pagod kapa sa travel.

Reason 3: Working home is very nice when it comes to your working environment. You can choose what part in your house you want to blog. Some of my friends is writing articles outside under a tree, They are just with their laptop. remember your working environment and your concentration will affect your creativity and work output.

Reason 4: Being a online earner will give you control over your time. You can do multi tasking for more income opportunities. It is very good in terms of those family man. You'll always have a time to check on your family since they are just beside you.

Reason 5: Working and having control over yourself will boost yourself confidence. You do it without any supervisors and you will have less stress.

There are lot of reason why it is good to earn online. Most of the mention above is what I think the biggest advantages of working home base. There are many ways on how you will still get in touch with your friends and colleagues like in a chat room and Skype. You can also have your weekends and weekdays to go outside and have some fun.

If you want to learn how to start a blog just visit this great blogging site:
here is link on how to start blogs on blogger:

I hope my Earning Screenies will inspire all of you. Don't ask me of what adnetwork it is I won't tell you. :)

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