On Monday night episode of Aquino and Abunda April 7,2014 Kris Aquino finally revealed that the one she's dating is Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista. Kris admitted that their relationship is in progress and Bautista already ask her brother, President Benigno Aquino III to date her.

Saturday night when Kris posted a picture on instagram with Herbert dinner with Kris family.
"Yes, my family welcomed him to join us during our get-together, because they want to know him better, and they want him to get to know our family. Just like other Filipino families, we are very close and we care deeply for each other."

Recently Kris is linked to Derek Ramsey when she posted an image she posted meaningful words of messages on Instagram

"For every girl with a broken heart, there's always a boy with glue gun."
"It was a hard day for both of us, you had your personal issues & so did I... But you were there for me & I was grateful you gave me the chance to be there for you... I said it before, super cute na may coffee pa. And now we can add chocolate marble & French Fries to that list."
Kris and Ramsey already ended the issue by clarifying their real score about just "being friends".