The issue on Claudine Barretto’s scars, wounds and bruises in her thighs garnered quite a number of different reactions from the netizens.

She disclosed the matter on a photo shoot which was televised in “Chika Minute” report of GMA news “24 Oras” last July 19,2014, Friday evening.

Despite the arising curiosity among her fans, the actress didn’t mention how she got the wounds nor did she revealed who inflicted those on her.

However, while she did not drop any names, she claimed during the interview that she is a “battered woman”.

On the other hand, the lawyer of Claudine’s estranged husband, Reymart Santiago will allegedly declare nothing until Claudine explicitly holds Raymart as the reason how she got the said wounds to the public.

Opinions and reactions, including violent ones of those who have heard and read the news regarding the issue were thrown all over the internet.

Many of which grew worrisome of Claudine Barretto’s state and hoped that she would would get back on her feet and fight for her rights.

Some noted that the actress should not have let the situation reach [ with her husband ] to its current state. Other fans gave their prayers for her quick recovery and healing of her wounds which is allegedly currently being treated.

"Sobrang nalulungkot ako sa balitang ito.. Clau ipaglaban mo karapatan mo. Laban lang.. Nakakalungkot," ( I am saddened by the news.. Clau, fight for your rights. Just fight.. This is saddening”) said one of the comments.

Meanwhile, there are still netizens who awaits the actress’ declaration of who actually did the deed.

Speculations, doubts and criticisms were also pushed through. A number of people questioned whether or not the wounds are “self-inflicted.”

There are also few people who have done their “research”. They wanted to know when exactly Claudine received the bruises since they have seen pictures of her wearing short clothing showing smooth thigh in her Instagram. Some even went further to April 2013 on which a picture of Claudine was posted sitting beside a car with her child noting again, her bruise-less thigh.

Moreover, netizens were also reluctant to accept Claudine admitting that she is a “battered woman” after the courage she has shown against the newscaster Ramon Tulfo in the airport. It is, according to a certain netizen, unlikely that she can fight against Tulfo but would let herself get beaten.

Negative retorts continued to pile up when Raymart spread post-surgical photos of Claudine to the public.

From these, a number from the internet community just tried to hush down the harsh comments and proposed not to judge and bash the actress, Claudine Barretto and wait for more of her statements regarding the matter.