We have seen movies depicting movies depicting sharks as the enemy lurking in the seas waiting for unknowing victims. With their numerous sets of teeth, who wouldn’t get afraid of the so-called “cold-blooded” creatures? Who or what could dare fight off the carnivorous daredevils of the great waters?

Answers? You might be surprised, one of them is a crocodile named Brutus latching on the bull shark.

Last Tuesday during a river cruise, Andrew Paice, 43, captured one rare and amazing event: a monster crocodile having a shark as its meal in the Northern Territory.

Brutus is a crocodile measuring 5.5 in meters, so to speak, which is more than the height of 3 average humans. The photograph took by Paice showed Brutus latching on the bull shark on Kakadu’s Adelaid River. It then swam off into the mangroves to devour its prey.

It was said that the tour guide was making Brutus jump by feeding him meat. The crocodile was quite well known in the area for being able to jump so high despite its old age. When the tour is nearing to its end and all the crocodiles along the river have been fed, they went back to the jetty when they saw the crocodile had something in its mouth. Morgan, the tour guide from Adelaide River Cruises shifted the boat back seeing Brutus on the river bank carrying a shark with its mouth.

Mr. Paice narrates, “The shark was definitely alive, it was still wriggling. The crocodile slid back into the water and the shark started to flip around a bit. The the crocodile swam into the mangroves, I guess to protect his catch.”

Now, who could even think of saying at least once in his life time: “Poor shark, being helplessly eaten a crocodile,”?

Andrew Paice, on the other hand, is on his fourth month into a year-long trip around Australia with his partner, Nikki and 7-year-old daughter, Madison. He expressed his amazement, stating that even he could not believe he captured the moment. According to him, seeing the crocodiles jumping and about, he was in awe, but what happened that day was definitely hard to top.